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(young minds)future leaders

  1. CBSE board recognised nationally and internationally
  2. Engineering entrances are aligned with the CBSE curriculum
  3. Rigour prepares you well for further graduate studies
  4. Requires you to take only one language (English is an option)

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science
  3. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Psychology
  4. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Psychology
  5. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Economics

  1. Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Applied Maths
  2. Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Psychology
  3. Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship

At The Samhita Academy, we nurture the aspirations of young teenage minds. In Grade XI, we equip them with the right tools to perform in the CBSE Board Exams. We hone their skills to tackle the many entrance exams. More importantly, we imbibe in them a rigour and resolve to compete with the best and excel. Download PDF
Grade X Report Card is not mandatory to apply.

Tools to perform in CBSE Boards

Structured to minimise outside
school hours coaching

Caring Enviroment. Creative Education. Future Leaders.

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