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Prepare your child for grade 1

Prepare your child for grade 1


The three years of Kindergarten (Nursery, LKG,UKG) progresses into 5 years of Primary (Grade 1-5).

  • Interactive classrooms to guide from what they know to what they are expected to know

  • Group work for developing social skills & applying concepts

  • "Reading aloud" as a building block to learning to read

  • library stocked with age-appropriate books

  • Enrichment programmes in Math & Science to take learning beyond the textbook


  • Future leaders developing their personality & working to the best of their ability

  • Quality Circle Time, Likeskills, Mindfulness practices to self identify & manage emotions

  • Contemporary dance, songs in different languages & theater provides a platform for self expression

  • Team Games for social skills, sheer amusement & unbridled fun

Beyond Academics

  • Field trips to support classroom teaching and for exposure to practical aspects of learning

  • Encouraging 'Readers for Life' and unlocking the power of literature through meeting authors and multi-art experiences

  • Exposure to various art forms through performances and interactions with great artistes

Experiential Learning

  • Theme based assemblies like Health, Friendships etc. to showcase to a larger audience

  • Teachers make Children's Day special

  • 'Darpan' for developing presentation skills and ability to interact with the audience

  • Observation of special days Independence Day, Annual Day, Sports day etc. to come together & celebrate


Caring Environment. Creative Education. Future Leaders.